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How can I validated my vSphere environment ?

How can I validated my vSphere environment ? Posted on 10/08/2018

I’m coming back… Sorry, but I didn’t write any news for a long time, I had a lot of work. So, this post is talking about which tools can you use to help you for validating your implementation design. I assume your infrastructure is properly deployed and you have to check your validation Plan.

How can I failure an ESXi host ?

You can generate a kernel panic from on any host with this command line VSISH from SSH. You can look at VSISH’s help, just Type Help command. Easy…

Connect you to your ESXi host as root on SSH. In this example, I choose to do a kernel panic on my esx. To do that, I sent this command :

At this moment when you press enter, you can see something like that on your Host’s DCUI.

How can I test disk failure on vSAN ?

If you would like test HA your vSAN environment, you can use this command line from your ESXi host on SSH. It sends an injection error to any device of your choice.

For example, I used this command to inject error on SSD device on my ESXi01 in vSAN cluster.

Then, when I finished, I can clear all errors with this command (Option : -c). In my lab environment, I had to reboot my ESXi.