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Replication Guide for vSAN 6.6

Replication Guide for vSAN 6.6 Posted on 04/02/2018

I’d like to share with you my knowledge about replicate on your vSAN environment.

I was interested on how vSAN replicate his objects. So, I decided to make a LAB with HOL by VMware. You can follow this link if you want to do this LAB. For information, I configured six ESXi hosts, so I could get up to 1 for rule FTT when I tested Stretched Cluster, not more.

The goal of my study was, where vSAN synchronise an object like a VMDK file in his cluster as well as how was behaviour when I changed the setting of the SPBM. I was interested about the differences options available in SPBM (Storage Policy Based Management).

All of the results are in the bottom of this post. I hope you can find any help with this one.

For reminder, the default Policy for vSAN is like this.

When you apply this policy, your VMDK file is replicated like that.

First, it’s the behaviour of vSAN without Stretched Cluster that you can look at on this screenshot.

Then, This is a screenshot with Stretched Cluster.
I needed at least than 4 ESXi host to meet the requirement of line in Red, so I couldn’t do this test.

Thanks for reading.