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Let’s play vSAN policy (Stripe)

Let’s play vSAN policy (Stripe) Posted on 28/03/2018

Stripe is useful for vSAN to improve your performance of your virtual machines. You can set this option between 1 to 12 in your policy. All components will be replicated to different capacity disk anywhere in your infrastructure vSAN, but never on the same capacity disk. But be careful, it’s only to get more performance, but it’s not to get a High Availability. You have to use FTT for High Availability.

When you set up this feature, you can see something like that. In this lab, I set a number of 2 for the stripe option as well as I set an FTT to 1.
If you set stripe to 2, your components are replicated with the same value as your policy configuration, but be careful if your object (VMDK) is bigger than a single HDD in your disk group. Always verify in your vSAN dashboard after you apply a new policy.

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